Collection: Baseball Style Bump Caps

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Certification: European Standard CE EN 812:2012

Lucent Path Baseball-style bump caps are often worn by indoor or outdoor workers working in the workplace and environment that don’t require formal safety helmets in the meantime protect them from minor bumps and scalp lacerations. Baseball-style bump caps resemble a traditional baseball cap and are constructed of outer cotton fabric and inner ABS Shell. Please note that bump caps are not designed to meet ANSI standards and are unsuitable for applications requiring an ANSI-rated hard hat.

Lucent Path baseball bump cap is CE EN 812 certified

Comfortable and Fashionable

Lucent Path lightweight baseball bump cap is comfortable and fashionable for head protection. It reduces pressure on your head and neck muscles while working in the workplace and environment that doesn't require full hard Hat protection.

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Lucent Path Blue Baseball Safety Bump Cap Helmet Hard Hat Head Protection Cap

Various Uses

Ideal for indoor or outdoor workers in areas that have low head clearance, DIY at home, or some work that doesn't require a formal safety helmet in the meantime to protect from minor bumps and scalp lacerations. Please note that bump caps are not designed and not ANSI-approved.

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Baseball Safety Bump Cap Helmet Hard Hat Head Protection Capm For Men

ABS Shell and Integrated High-Quality EVA Foam Pads

ABS Shell's strength and reliability provide a baseball bump cap with good impact resistance. Integrated high-quality EVA foam pads are located inside and outside the ABS shell, further enhancing the bump
cap's impact absorption ability.

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Lucent Path Black Baseball Safety Bump Cap Helmet Hard Hat Head Protection Cap

100% Cotton Fabric, Sweatband, and Adjustable Back Velcro Strap

The outer fabric is made of 100% cotton. The interior front panel sweatband wicks sweat and keep you dry. The adjustable back Velcro strap for a custom fit.

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Product FAQs

What is the purpose of the holes on the Lucent Path bump cap?

The Lucent Path bump cap is designed with protection as the top priority, while also providing improved ventilation and breathability through carefully calculated ventilation holes. This ensures a cool and dry head during hard physical work outdoors or in high-temperature workplaces, without compromising safety.

Can I use the ABS insert from your bump cap with any other regular cap?

It may be difficult to insert the ABS shell into a regular cap because the bump cap is custom-designed to keep the insert shell in place and prevent creases or wrinkles between the ABS insert shell's top surface and the outer cotton fabric. This design ensures the bump cap blends into your day-to-day tasks while providing head protection.

Is the cap waterproof?

No, the cap is not waterproof. It is designed for protection against minor bumps and scalp lacerations, not for use in wet conditions.

What is the weight of this bump cap? Is Lucent Path bump cap comfortable to wear for extended periods?

The Lucent Path bump cap weighs approximately 5 ounces. The bump cap is lightweight and designed to reduce pressure on the head and neck muscles, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods.

What is the CE EN 812 certification, Is Lucent Path bump cap CE EN 812 certified?

CE EN 812 certification is a European standard that ensures the bump cap meets the necessary safety requirements and testing procedures for head protection against the effects of striking the head against hard, stationary objects with sufficient severity to cause laceration or other superficial injuries. Yes, The Lucent Path baseball bump cap is CE EN 812 certified.

Is Lucent Path bump cap ANSI approved?

No, Lucent Path bump caps are not designed or ANSI-approved for industrial head protection. The ANSI does not have a standard specifically for bump caps. Lucent Path Bump Cap is CE EN 812 certified, which is a European standard specifies the performance requirements and test methods for bump caps, including impact absorption, penetration resistance, and strength.

What is a Lucent Path bump cap, and how is it different from a hard hat?

Lucent Path bump cap is a type of head protection designed to protect the wearer's head from minor bumps and lacerations in the workplace or at home. Unlike hard hats, which are designed to protect against falling objects and high impact collisions, Lucent Path bump caps are intended to protect against low-hazard impacts, such as striking a stationary object or a low ceiling.

How Our Customers Said About Our Baseball Bump Caps

The United States on April 15, 2022
My husband got this hat because he is bald and at work always hitting his head- this hat is very good looking and you can never tell that it is a hard hat. He loves the hat and wears the hat to work everyday.

Canada on March 16, 2022
I was looking for something for working in crawl spaces and where there are low beams to just protect my head from low/sharp objects. A hardhat was more than I needed and cumbersome where you have to bent over a lot. This bump cap is just the answer. It is light, cooler than a hardhat and stays on your head. No more forehead gouges.

México el 5 de enero de 2021
Me gustó su estilo y los materiales que tiene aparte que es cómoda y ajustable, me es muy útil para el trabajo.

Canada on January 12, 2020
Everything that I wanted. Had surgery on the top of my head, and I'm always bumping it as I'm a mechanic and seem to lead with the top of my head.
The hard hat has been a life saver. Love it

The United States on November 21, 2013
My husband is tall and is forever getting smacked in the head with something. Mowing the yard, he gets smacked by a tree limb. At work, he hits his head on a livestock gate. He's always got a bump or scratch on his head. I have long joked with him that I was going to make him start wearing a helmet. A couple weeks ago, he came home with a huge goose egg on head. At that point, I said "Someone should invent a helmet that looks like a ball cap so you aren't embarrassed to wear it."

The United States on January 28, 2022
His bald head is always getting into scrapes! And some of them are pretty nasty. While working on building our home, he refuses to wear a hard hat, he will wear a cap sometimes while working. Saw this little cap, bought it, and he is impressed with it. Now I can go replenish my First-Aid Kit and hopefully not need it again while finishing this house.

The United States on July 29, 2021
Love it. Comfortable and looks good. I constantly cut and bump my head while working - not anymore with this. Highly recommend you add it to
your work gear apparel.

United States on May 19, 2021
Good protection and it looks good... but my problem is that I have a oval head instead of round. I know there are more people with round heads than oval, but the padding inside does not move to ccommodate those of us who are shaped like Michael Jordan. The pad in the front is there to absorb impact from the front but it also makes an imprint in my forehead that is uncomfortable and gets a double take look when I take the hat off. The pad might work better for me if it were a little thinner and ran all the way across the front of the hat instead of just the middle.

United States on November 29, 2021
Perfect to wear it to sll therapies, liked & approved by PT & OT, perfect for patients that wear glasses, other helmets press side of glasses rhat us what makes this hat safe & perfect to wear on

United States on April 23, 2022
Good for replacing previous bump caps. The caps that are like hard hats are uncomfortable so this cap is a big improvement