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20 Blue Baseball Bump Caps - Lightweight Safety Hard Hat Head Protection Caps

20 Blue Baseball Bump Caps - Lightweight Safety Hard Hat Head Protection Caps

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Baseball Bump Cap

Comfortable and Fashionable

The Lucent Path lightweight baseball bump cap provides both comfort and style for head protection in workplaces and environments that do not require full hard hat protection. It reduces pressure on the head and neck muscles, ensuring comfort throughout the workday.

Improved Ventilation and Breathability

With two large ventilation holes on either side and four cross-shaped ventilation holes on top, the cap provides better airflow during hard physical work outdoors or in high-temperature workplaces, ensuring a cool and dry head.

Strong ABS Shell and High-Quality EVA Foam Pads

The ABS shell provides strength and reliability for impact resistance, while the integrated high-quality EVA foam pads inside and outside of the shell enhance the cap's impact absorption ability, providing additional protection against head injuries.

Custom Design for Optimal Fit

The Lucent Path baseball bump cap is designed to perfectly fit the size and shape of the insert shell. This custom design keeps the insert shell in place, holding it steady, and preventing creases or wrinkles between the ABS insert shell's top surface and the outer cotton fabric.

High-Quality Materials

The outer fabric of the cap is made of 100% cotton, ensuring durability and comfort. The interior front panel sweatband wicks sweat, keeping you dry throughout the workday. The adjustable back Velcro strap provides a custom fit.

CE EN 812 Certified

The Lucent Path baseball bump cap is CE EN 812 certified, ensuring it meets the European standard for head protection against the effects of striking the head against hard, stationary objects with sufficient severity to cause laceration or other superficial injuries. Please note that bump caps are not designed or ANSI-approved for industrial head protection.

Versatile Usage

The bump cap is ideal for indoor or outdoor workers in areas with low head clearance, DIY projects at home, or other work that does not require a formal safety helmet. It provides protection against minor bumps and scalp lacerations.

Product FAQs

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Lucent Path Baseball-style bump caps are often worn by indoor or outdoor workers working in the workplace and environment that don’t require formal safety helmets in the meantime protect them from minor bumps and scalp lacerations. Baseball-style bump caps resemble a traditional baseball cap and are constructed of outer cotton fabric and inner ABS Shell. Please note that bump caps are not designed to meet ANSI standards and are unsuitable for applications requiring an ANSI-rated hard hat.