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Lucent Path CE ANSI Certified Innovative Ergonomic Safety Eye Protection Anti Fog Anti Scratch Curved Lens Goggles

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Lucent Path Safety Goggles Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch CE ANSI Certified Clear Impact Resistant Eye Protection…

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Lucent Path Safety Eye Protection Anti Fog Anti Scratch Fit Over Most Prescription Spectacle Impact Goggles

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Lucent Path Chemical Splash Safety Goggles Anti Fog Anti Scratch ANSI CE Certified Eye Protection

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Lucent Path ANSI CE certified Chemical Splash High Impact Safety Eye Protection Anti Fog Anti Scratch Goggles

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  • Excellent over glasses!

    Very good quality and durable goggles that fit very well over my glasses. The price is just right compared to other goggles that won’t fit over glasses.

  • Works great with my glasses

    I wear glasses. I need a pair of safety goggles for eye protection that can fit over glasses. This pair works great with my glasses. The build quality is excellent. They don’t get foggy for me.

  • Good buy!

    Great for glasses-wears! Slips right over any pair no matter the thickness. Great quality, elastic ban sits comfortably. Had zero foggy or blurry issues.

  •  Safety Made More Comfortable

    As a person who does lots of do-it-yourself products in and around the house I take safety seriously. Especially when you're using any type of power equipment or even working with a simple tool that could create a safety hazard. Since I wear eyeglasses it's important for me to be able to use something that won't fog up. With these Lucent Path Safety Goggles I found they provide not just a clear view but answered my concerns about anti-fog.

  • Comfy Clear And Protective

    These goggles are super clear, I can see very well in them, there is no fog or any scratches using them. I got them because I will be using and mixing chemicals which require goggles and these protect very well from any potentially hazardous splashes. It is very comfortable and doesn't hurt, it is not too tight but just the right amount of tightness around your head when wearing. Get these for amazing goggles that protect you in a lab setting that offers a clear view and a comfortable fit

  • Comfortable to wear

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  •  Very Comfy, Even With Glasses

    I'm really happy I ordered these goggles, as I'm always a bit concerned as to whether googles like these will fit properly and comfortably when I'm wearing my glasses. (I usually wear contacts but prefer to wear glasses at home when I'm working on stuff I'd need goggles for to give my eyes a rest.)

    Honestly, you really don't even need to think about the fact that you're wearing glasses when wearing these, as there's enough extra space between these goggles and your glasses that you don't need to be so delicate in adjusting them. Of course, these goggles also provide excellent protection against splashes and such, though I mostly use them to keep dust and smoke out of my eyes.

    If you need solid eye protection and already wear glasses, then I definitely suggest checking these goggles out.

  •  Perfect Eye Protection for Dusty Environments

    I love these Goggles!

    But, to start with the downside. They were shipped in a plastic shipping bag which was unpadded, so the goggles came already broken (see picture 1). I was driving into town anyway, so, it took just moments to request a replacement from Amazon, and drop off the broken item at UPS. I'll have to wait three more days for the replacement, but that is ok.

    Now the great part: I wear glasses. Last week I was cutting the grass and repeatedly I ended up in a giant cloud of dust and couldn't see. When I got home, I had something in my eye, and it took more than 18 hours for the "something" to work itself out... and that was after going to get some lubricating/numbing eye drops. I am NOT going through that again.

    These goggles are a perfect fit. Yes, at the back of the goggles (at your ears on the left and right), they aren't curved enough for my face, so they have a tiny gap. Not a problem, as the goggles have enough padding everywhere that they'll stop at least 99% of the dust trying to come in.

    They fit comfortably. The padding/gasket conforms well to the front of your face. And, they fit perfectly over my glasses. As a side benefit, I wear a mask while cutting the grass (again, because of the heavy dust), and the goggle design makes it so they won't fog up from my breathing.

    I'm buying two pair so that my wife and I both have a set available. Perfect Safety Glasses for everything I do around the house.

  •  I used to think I didn't need these but...

    These are really nice safety goggles. I use them when grinding metal, working under vehicles, woodworking, etc. I used to use regular safety glasses, but several weeks ago, I was cutting metal using a carbide bit and a sliver of metal got stuck in my eye. It had obviously gotten into the sides or top of my safety glasses. We were able to pull it out carefully afterwards. It was very strange to have it actually stuck in the outer layer of my eyeball. I went to the eye doctor and he stated that it would heal fine. These goggles would have completely prevented the issue. They are sealed around all sides. They are very clear and comfortable. I have a larger sized head and they fit fine although I did have to loosen the straps all the way. So far, I haven't had any issues with fogging, etc. The straps do have a quick disconnect to remove them and the lens appears to be replaceable as well. The seal around the interior of the goggles is a type of soft TPU/Foam. They also fit around my eyeglasses if needed. I have narrow framed eyeglasses, but there is enough room even if my frames were a little larger. Because they protrude forward slightly, they never rub on my eyeglasses.

    I used to be one to think that I didn't need so much eye protection when doing simple things, but that latest incident changed my mind. I wear these whenever I'm cutting wood or metal, whenever I'm working under my cars and even edging and weed eating. Love them so far. I'll update my review should anything change.